Field trip program

This is the tentative program of Threatened Plants Tasmania field trips for 2017-18. Dates and destinations of these trips may be altered due to weather or changing circumstances. Any updates and details of each trip are sent to the TPT email list and will be available about 2 weeks in advance on





23 September Census Cambridge Caladenia saggicola

30 September


Mount Direction (Hobart)

Ephemerals, Ozothamnus reflexifolius

7-8 October

Caging repairs and modifications 

St Patricks Plain

Eucalyptus gunnii subsp. divaricata

14 October 

Survey Tom Gibson (northern extension) Calandrinia granulifera and Pultenaea humilis
21 October Survey Dunalley Ruppia tuberosa
22 October Monitor Henry Somerset Caladenia tonellii
24 October Survey West Head Millotia muelleri & Calandrinia granulifera 
30 October Survey Dans Hill Tetratheca gunnii
1 November Map & rescore Campbell Town golf course Prasophyllum incorrectum
8 November Census Cambridge Prasophyllum milfordense
11 November Survey Devils Elbow Rd, Newhaven Rd & Dip Range Caladenia campbellii (& maybe Goodenia geniculata)
12 November Monitor Henry Somerset Caladenia tonellii
25 November Survey Boyer Bossiaea tasmanica
6 December Map & rescore at CTGC (Wednesday) & weeding Campbell Town golf course Prasophyllum olidum
9 December Survey Woodstock Lagoon Xerochrysum palustre & ephemerals
9 December Survey & weeding Amy Street (Glenorchy) Velleia paradoxa
6-7 January Survey Central Plateau (Lake Augusta area) Stackhousia pulvinarus, Ranunculus jugosus, Ranunculus collicola, Prasophyllum crebriflorum
24 January Rescore transects Surrey Hills Prasophyllum crebiflorum
27 January Survey (weather dependent) Mt Field (Mawson Plateau) Euphrasia gibbsiae subsp. pulvinestris, Viola hederace subsp. curtisiae
3 February Weed control re-scoring Heathy Hills Mirbelia oxylobioides
17 February Survey Cataract Gorge Blechnum rupestre (= Doodia caudata), Lycopus australis
10 March Remap/rescore plots from 2008-2010 Triabunna Limonium baudinii
17 March Monitoring response to PWS recovery works  Calverts Hill Eucalyptus morrisbyi
24 March Survey Cascades & Waterworks Corunastylis nudiscapa
14 March White gum trials Bruny Island Eucalyptus viminalis (40-spotted pardalote habitat)
12 May  Cage modification Central Highlands Eucalyptus gunnii subsp divaricata

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