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An outline of the 2017-18 Field trip program is now available.

This is a list of field trips that are currently open for registration (if any). 


Vegetation Classification Workshop - 10 participant(s)
Start Date: 23-Jun-2018 | End Date:23-Jun-2018
This workshop will provide an overview of the classification of vegetation communities in Tasmania. Details of the vegetation community are an important component when describing and understanding threatened flora habitat and inclusion of the relevant TASVEG vegetation community is a valuable addition when submitting threatened flora data to the Natural Values Atlas. At the end of this workshop, participants will understand how vegetation is classified in Tasmania, what are the key reference documents for vegetation classification and have a greater confidence to classify vegetation communities.
Meet at: Sustainability Learning Center, 50 Olinda Grove Mt Nelson
Time: 9.00 am More Information
This event requires signup by 22-06-2018. Sign up here

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