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Native Plant Identification                      

Tasmanian Flora Online , the Online key to many Tasmanian species, most with photos.

  (or )

Or take your specimens to the Tasmanian herbarium


Macro photography of Tasmanian orchids from Peter Fehre, Malcolm Wells and Peter Tonelli

Images of Blue Tier species from Friends of the Blue Tier

Native Plant locations & mapping      

 The Natural Values Atlas(NVA) is Tasmania's comprehensive database for flora and fauna information including threatened species.      See also the Threatened Species Link website.                   

The Land Information System Tasmania (LIST)   Online viewing of Tasmanian maps, with access to information from NVA, TAS VEG and other relevant data. Requires some practise.

Atlas of Living Australia  A growing repository of Australian Biodiversity information. Search your local area.

Tasmanian flora site – David Tng’s excellent blog about Tasmanian plants

For fungi enthusiasts, Fungimap collects Australia-wide data on target species

Tasmanian Threatened species information  

Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and the Environment  Threatened Species Link   website

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Tasmanian regulations concerning collection of native flora etc. See also the Threatened Species Link website

Tasmanian Organisations 

Wildcare Inc  Threatened Plants Tasmania is a Wildcare group 

Tasmanian Landcare Association (TLCA) Threatened Plants Tasmania is also a member of TLCA

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

The Tasmanian Orchid Society

The Understorey Network

The Australian Plant Society

Tasmanian Field Naturalists Club


NRM South

Cradle Coast NRM

NRM North

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Tasmanian Local Government 

Council maps and contacts


Glenorchy City Council

Hobart City Council Bushcare

Northern Midlands

Southern Midlands

Waratah Wynyard

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Tasmanian Government 

Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and the Environment (DPIPWE)

Australian Government 

Caring for Country , Australian Government funding for environmental management.

Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs,  FaHCSIA helps to support volunteers, by providing programs and services, and grants and funding for volunteer-based organisations


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Factsheets available from the Environmental Defender's Office for Threatened Species and other legislation

About the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act  (Commonwealth of Australia)

See also the Threatened Species Link website

Weeds and Plant Diseases 

Weeds and Diseases Information from DPIPWE             

Washdown guidelines for weed and disease control                                

Other Australian organisations 

Internet Directory of Plant Conservation Resources                                              

Bush Heritage


Climate watch  Has a section for community observations of species flowering etc.

Australian Network for Plant Conservation

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