Species in focus

TPT volunteers survey, monitor and help protect several of Tasmania's precious plant species during each season of field trips. The list below shows some of the species that we have worked on in recent years.

Prasophyllum crebriflorum, the crowded leek-orchid, with tiphiid wasp pollinating (genus Neozeloboria or Eirone). We monitor a population at Surrey hills, NW Tasmania. Image: Phil Collier
Arthur River Greenhood, Pterostylis rubenachii, is one of the species that we have worked on in the Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area, with financial assistance from Cradle Coast NRM. Image: Peter Tonelli
Grassland candles, Stackhousia subterranea, one of the many species that we search for in the Midlands of Tasmania.
Rabbit ears, or Thelymitra antennifera, is restricted to the north coast of Tasmania. We look for it at Bridport, Narawntapu NP and elsewhere.

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