Who are we?

Threatened Plants Tasmania volunteers take an active role in projects that benefit plants which are listed as Threatened’ under the Threatened Species Protection Act 1995 (Tasmania).

Professional botanists and TPT volunteers work together to enhance the chances of survival for plants that are at risk. Registering as a TPT volunteer enables you to take part in field trips and attend meetings and training sessions.

Threatened Plants Tasmania (TPT) has been in the field since 2008. See a brief history below. TPT is one of about 70 groups that comprise Wildcare Inc. Wildcare’s large pool of volunteers contribute their time and skills for worthwhile projects in natural and cultural heritage conservation in Tasmania.

TPT strongly encourages its volunteers to become members of Wildcare Inc. If you join Wildcare when you buy an annual Tasmanian Parks Pass, your Wildcare membership fee is deducted from the Annual Parks Fee.

Under the Wildcare Inc constitution, TPT is run by an elected executive. There are now over 150 people on TPT’s list of volunteers. As well as field trips, TPT runs meetings with guest speakers, and training sessions that increase the skills of volunteers.

We are involved in a number of projects in different places in Tasmania. Our volunteers undertake surveys, monitoring and management activities with the aim of assisting plant species whose survival is under threat. Most of our field trips take place between October and March when our target species are in flower.


1. A brief history

Threatened Plants Tasmania (TPT) was created in 2008 with the aim of helping to conserve Tasmania’s rare plant species. It is based on a model which has been operating in South Australia since 1993. An initial grant from the Threatened Species Network (TSN) funded a part-time project officer who organised the inaugural meetings and field trips, and established the organisation as a sub-group within Wildcare Inc. TPT operates in close consultation with senior botanists of the Threatened Species Section of the Tasmanian Government Department of Primary Industry, Parks, Water and the Environment.


2. TPT volunteers

Threatened Plants Tasmania (TPT) volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds. It is not necessary to have any prior experience with Tasmanian native plants. On the other hand, we also welcome amateur and professional botanists. At the beginning of each field trip the leader explains the purpose of the activity and shows photos or specimens of the plants that are the focus for the day.

TPT volunteers learn new skills by participating in activities and training. We also gain the social benefits of working as part of an enthusiastic team, while caring for threatened plants.


3. The 2017-18 committee of Threatened Plants Tasmania

President Inger Visby
Secretary Kerri Spicer
Treasurer Richard White
Vice-president North Phil Collier
Vice-president South Alison van den Berg
Committee Doug Clarke
Committee Geoff Curry
Committee Alister Hazeldine
Committee Viv Muller
Committee Joe Quarmby
Committee Robin Garnett









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