Welcome from the President of Threatened Plants Tasmania

Threatened Plants Tasmania (TPT) is a volunteer group, actively involved in the conservation and monitoring of Tasmania's threatened plants. There are nearly 500 native plant species listed as threatened in Tasmania. If you would like to help with the conservation and recovery of these threatened plant species then please join us at TPT.

We work in close cooperation with senior botanists from the Threatened Species Section of the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment, and the three NRM regions in Tasmania. TPT members undertake field trips to survey, monitor and manage threatened plants throughout Tasmania.

We are a subgroup of Wildcare Inc. We strongly encourage TPT volunteers to become members of Wildcare Inc.

Please read some of our webpages to meet some of the plant species that we find on our field trips. There are also descriptions of some of our projects and past field trips in our newsletters.

Our program of field trips is on this website. If you are keen to take part, you can register as a TPT volunteer and express your interest in joining a field trip. 

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